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Business Challenges
Interim NHS People Plan

System Optimisation

ESR exclusively offers the provision of an integrated hire to retire workforce management solution developed by the NHS for the NHS.

By fully utilising ESR as an integrated system, your organisation can realise greater benefits. In order to achieve this, your individual departments must work collaboratively to maximise business process efficiencies.

This section outlines how you can utilise other areas of ESR functionality which can enrich workforce information to develop an greater overall ESR solution.

  • + Workforce Planning
    • Effectively managing your hierarchy using ESR Establishment Control functionality.
    • Reporting on future changes that may impact service provision, e.g. reporting on number of potential retirees.
    • Enhancing your data quality by fully using Employee and Manager Self Service.
    • Utilising reporting to identify projected skills gaps or high attrition, and recruit to help reduce staff shortages.
    • Fully utilising the Business Intelligence module to gain a wealth of workforce information to inform and refine your workforce strategy.
  • + Effective Recruitment
    • Performing the transfer of personal, employment and training data through Pre-Hire IAT.
    • Producing a pre-populated new starter form within ESR BI.
    • Utilising the Recruitment Dashboard, which is designed to provide the user with intelligence around Recruitment and the Mandatory Employment Checklist data held within ESR.
    • Recording and reporting of qualifications and professional registrations to assist in providing a talent profile.
  • + Back Office Efficiencies
    • Increasing the productivity and efficiency of learning and development teams through the accessibility of data and by enabling the full functionality of Self Service.
    • Utilising the learning and compliance dashboards to assist in planning the organisation’s education offering to respond to the training needs of the organisation.
    • Implementing the range of professional users’ dashboards to provide key information to support back office services.
    • Implementing Manager Self Service to reduce back office administration support and centralised reporting requirements, whilst providing functionality to improve data quality.
    • Reducing reporting requirements to employees and managers on training compliance by implementing Self Service.
  • + Empower & Retain
    • Aiding retention by empowering your workforce to manage its own training and development through ESR Self Service.
    • Improving your data quality by enabling your employees to manage their own data.
    • Empowering your managers by providing the manager’s dashboard to support them in managing their teams.
    • Maximising the integration of ESR using OLM and Career Management with appraisal functionality in Self Service to manage any type of review e.g. performance, preceptorship, mentorship etc.
  • + Financial Controls
    • Using Self Service allows employees and managers control of information about themselves and their staff, reducing inaccuracies and overpayments
    • Establishment control and it associated reporting in ESR, with reconciliation to the general, ensures staffing costs are proactively monitored and managed.
    • Inter Authority Transfer (IAT) in ESR is the unique process that enables transferability of employee/applicant data - including training compliance across the NHS – directly supporting the Streamlining programme. With OLM and competencies being managed in ESR, the data flows easily and with minimal manual intervention.
    • Monitoring your recruitment costs through the management of workforce establishment by building in budgeted FTE for all active positions in ESR. Building budgeted FTE for active positions in ESR supports the monitoring of your recruitment costs and provides effective workforce establishment information.
    • Accessing the dedicated NHS ESR Programme Team to support your implementation.
  • + Skilled Workforce
    • Utilising the learning dashboards to support the activities of Learning and Development teams.
    • Implementing the compliance portlet to provide information direct to the employee to increase awareness and compliance.
    • Implementing Manager Self Service and the manager’s dashboard to provide all training and compliance data and the ability to managers to manage their teams learning and development.
    • Utilising the learning and compliance reports within BI for monitoring performance and to plan education offering to meet demand.

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Business Challenges

  1. Have you considered the recommendations in the Carter Report and understood how to meet these challenges?

  2. Do you use high quality data to inform effective workforce planning, local and national reporting, and meeting CQC inspections and audits?

  3. Do you have accurate workforce data to respond to the changing NHS landscape, including new models of care and local STP activities?

  4. Does your workforce data meet the needs of your Board?

  5. Do you have a clear workforce intelligence strategy to support making improvements and efficiencies within your workforce?

  6. Are you able to easily identify and measure against core KPIs for your organisation?

  7. Do you empower your employees and managers to take ownership of their workforce data and those of their teams?

  8. Do your back office teams fully utilise Business Intelligence to support and enhance service they provide?

  9. Do your managers - including your leadership team, have access to ESR Business Intelligence dashboards – providing a near real-time graphical view on your operational KPIs? This is available on desktop or mobile device and provides a highly mobile and agile reporting tool.

Latest Resources

To discuss the functionality available in ESR, to undertake an ESR Assessment on your current and potential usage, or for further information, advice and support please contact your local NHS ESR Functional Account Manager.