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Business Challenges
Interim NHS People Plan

Financial Business Case

An overarching financial case for using ESR is that all aspects of the Solution and Service are centrally funded. This means that the return on your investment – which is a local project delivery investment only – is immediately maximised by not having to procure, fund and maintain such rich capability.

ESR Business Intelligence reporting offers detailed intelligence to all levels of the organisation from applicants and employees, to managers and organisation leadership teams, providing essential data to the users, allowing them to respond and plan for the future. ESR data is presented in a variety of ways; for example, through the ESR Portal and its Portlets, the various dashboards or through the Business Intelligence reporting tool. There are multiple opportunities to not only gain financial benefits but also improve data quality.

Cost Improvement

  • Returns data quickly, resulting in less time spent waiting for reports to complete
  • Ability to import external data into BI, thus eliminating the need to purchase alternative solutions to compare data
  • Ability to view the reports via desktop or on mobile devices, using the internet
  • Use of the suite of BI reports available allows users to forecast future events (eg training days), thus ensuring cost-effective planning
  • Opportunity to reduce the production of reports from a central reporting function
  • Ability to report across the full integrated ESR solution, thus reducing the need to manipulate data outside of ESR
  • A reduction in ad hoc reporting requests from managers and core functions as a result of Self Service and Local BI reporting URP
  • Reduction in ad hoc data requests from employees as a result of Self Service and the portal

Service Improvement

  • Access to a full suite of standard national dashboards and associated reports.
  • Pre-analysed data with built in functionality to enable further definition to meet your specific needs
  • Allows effective benchmarking of your local KPIs at a regional and national level.
  • Utilising the ESR BI Alerting functionality to schedule summary reports for delivery to users via BI or via email
  • Allows managers to view reports specific to their teams at a time that’s convenient for them
  • Encourages improvements to data quality due to the visibility and accessibility to data
  • Ability for employees, managers and core functions to view data in real-time or near-to real time
  • Opportunity to improve people management, through access to employee data; such as appraisals, and learning
  • Supports effective workforce planning, from planning recruitment to address an ageing workforce and to planning the learning offering to meet the needs of the workforce and the service.

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Business Challenges

  1. Have you considered the recommendations in the Carter Report and understood how to meet these challenges?

  2. Do you use high quality data to inform effective workforce planning, local and national reporting, and meeting CQC inspections and audits?

  3. Do you have accurate workforce data to respond to the changing NHS landscape, including new models of care and local STP activities?

  4. Does your workforce data meet the needs of your Board?

  5. Do you have a clear workforce intelligence strategy to support making improvements and efficiencies within your workforce?

  6. Are you able to easily identify and measure against core KPIs for your organisation?

  7. Do you empower your employees and managers to take ownership of their workforce data and those of their teams?

  8. Do your back office teams fully utilise Business Intelligence to support and enhance service they provide?

  9. Do your managers - including your leadership team, have access to ESR Business Intelligence dashboards – providing a near real-time graphical view on your operational KPIs? This is available on desktop or mobile device and provides a highly mobile and agile reporting tool.

Latest Resources

To discuss the functionality available in ESR, to undertake an ESR Assessment on your current and potential usage, or for further information, advice and support please contact your local NHS ESR Functional Account Manager.