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Business Challenges
Interim NHS People Plan


To help you plan your next steps and to assist you in developing a greater understanding of the ESR capability, and how it supports you to meet the business challenges set out in this segment, there are a wide range of resources available.

To read case studies from NHS organisations that are using the functionality which you have read about within this segment, and to access key guidance and support material please see below.


Case Studies

Operational Resources

Your operational leads can access a range of implementation guides, user manuals and other project documentation. The following documents are relevant to this section and will help you as you define your next steps.  (Log into ESR Kbase to access these resources).

  • ESR-NHS0200 OLM Implementation Guide
  • ESR-NHS0167 - NLMS Content Guidance and Standards
  • ESR-NHS0048 - Guide to Shared Training Centre Functionality
  • Managing Care Certificates in ESR
  • Implementing Certifications
  • Captivate Online Learning
  • e-Learning Functional Guidance

To access key information and resources to support Resources click on the icons below

Business Challenges

When assessing the skill-mix of your workforce, the following questions are relevant and can be addressed by using ESR:

  1. Do you know your current and future workforce needs?

  2. Are you providing the right level of training, to the right staff, at the right time, to meet the needs of the service?

  3. Is your training content up to date to meet the latest regulations?

  4. Does your training schedule respond to the training needs of your workforce that varies throughout the year?

  5. Are you nurturing your workforce to work responsively, in a range of settings, and across organisational and professional boundaries?

  6. Do you have the workforce intelligence to respond to the changing landscape of the NHS, including new models of care and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships?

Latest Resources

To discuss the functionality available in ESR, to undertake an ESR Assessment on your current and potential usage, or for further information, advice and support please contact your local NHS ESR Functional Account Manager.