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Business Challenges
Interim NHS People Plan

System Optimisation

ESR exclusively offers the provision of an integrated hire to retire workforce management solution developed by the NHS for the NHS.

By fully utilising ESR as an integrated system, your organisation can realise greater benefits. In order to achieve this, your individual departments must work collaboratively to maximise business process efficiencies.

This section outlines how all areas of work can fully utilise ESR functionality to support the implementation of robust financial controls, which will aid the organisation to gain a greater overall ESR solution.


  • + Effective Recruitment
    • Reduce the time to hire by streamlining the on-boarding process removing duplication – Pre-hire IAT will seamlessly transfer in personal, employment, training, competence and occupational health immunisations and vaccines data.
    • IAT reduces training required on induction, enabling the early release of staff to their workplace.
  • + Workforce Planning
    • Effectively manage your budgeted establishment using ESR hierarchy.
    • Enhance your data quality with the implementation of Employee Self Service.
    • Fully utilise the Business Intelligence module to gain a wealth of workforce information.
  • + Empower & Retain
    • Aid retention by empowering your managers to view and manage their workforce through ESR Self Service.
    • Improve your data quality by empowering your workforce to manage their own data.
    • Aid Managers to effectively manage sickness absence through the ability to review sickness absence data on Self Service.
    • Reduce overpayments related to late terminations by providing the ability for managers to terminate employees directly on Self Service.
    • Employees and their managers can participate in their appraisal online via Self Service, eliminating the need for a paper process.
    • Employees can access their Total Rewards Statement via ESR allowing them to see all the benefits from working in the NHS.
    • Employees can access their payslips online 24/7 from anywhere via the internet, negating the need for paper payslips and reduction in local post charges.
    • Employees can request annual leave 24/7 from anywhere via the internet.
  • + Workforce Intelligence
    • Fully utilise the ESR Portal and its Portlets to benefit your employees in understanding what is required of them. In particular the ‘My Compliance’ Portlet and the ‘My e-Learning’ Portlet, which can help to reduce clinical and non-clinical claims against the NHS.
    • Provide valuable information such as compliance and DNA data to your Learning Administrators, by using the learning dashboard to increase productivity and effectiveness.
    • Use the national dashboards and reports in Business Intelligence to analyse trends and shape policy for areas such as absence, vacancies, and compliance.
    • Report on the individual and organisation-wide training needs of your organisation following staff appraisal/reviews.
    • Import 3rd party data (such as finance, patient safety, clinical incidents etc.) into ESR Business Intelligence for improved analytics and the triangulation of data.
  • + Back Office Efficiencies
    • Streamlining processes reduces duplication, thereby saving time and resources that enable core back office functions to provide greater value-add services.
    • Removal of paper processes for managers for all manner of staff changes including, terminations, absence approvals, assignment changes by using Manager Self-Service.
    • Reduction in administration and postage costs involved in delivering paper payslips and P60s for employees, by using employee Self Service.
  • + Skilled Workforce
    • ESR Self Service capability enables employees to securely access their training online either in the workplace or on mobile devices.
    • Managers and employees can access their competency profile, qualifications and training records which provides organisations with up to date workforce information for local reporting and analysis of its training needs.
    • Over 800 free e-Learning programmes are available through ESR, consisting of continual development, professional development and statutory and mandatory modules.
    • Appraisal functionality allows tracking of employees objectives, the facility to create PDPs and for managers to book employees directly onto training.


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Business Challenges

The following key questions will assist you in identifying what financial controls you have in place which can be supported through the utilisation of ESR functionality:

  1. Do you know the number and breakdown of vacancies across your organisation?

  2. Do your Finance team utilise ESR reporting to reconcile to your finance systems?

  3. Are you able to record accurately on establishment control (actual v budgeted + forecast)?

  4. Do you have available a full overview of where you are spending or utilising your resources?

  5. Are you making the right resource allocations to support the long term goals?

  6. Are you able to benchmark & forecast effectively with your workforce information?

  7. Is ESR embedded within your financial strategy to enable cost improvements?

  8. Are you able to empower your managers to take more ownership of their budget?

  9. Are you aware of sickness rates within your organisation including costs by staff type and the resulting cost of temporary staff to backfill absences?

  10. Are you able to manage internal and external training costs, and is this budget effectively utilised?

  11. Are you aware of the savings your organisation could realise by using e-Learning in ESR rather than creating or procuring other e-learning solutions?

Latest Resources

To discuss the functionality available in ESR, to undertake an ESR Assessment on your current and potential usage, or for further information, advice and support please contact your local NHS ESR Functional Account Manager.