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Business Challenges
Interim NHS People Plan

System Optimisation

ESR exclusively offers the provision of an integrated hire to retire workforce management solution developed by the NHS for the NHS.

By fully utilising ESR as an integrated system, your organisation can realise greater benefits. In order to achieve this, your individual departments must work collaboratively to maximise business process efficiencies.

This section outlines how you can utilise other areas of ESR functionality which will support the organisation in empowering and retaining its workforce, by develop an greater overall ESR solution.

  • + Effective Recruitment
    • Perform the transfer of personal, employment, and training data through Pre-Hire Inter Authority Transfer (IAT).
    • Using ESR Self Service, gives successful applicants’ access to statutory and mandatory training as soon as possible to reduce your on-boarding and induction training time, enabling new employees to join their new team as early as possible.
    • Record qualifications and professional registrations to assist in providing a talent profile.
    • Enhance the recruitment experience for successful applicants by positively welcoming and engaging them prior to their start date.
  • + Workforce Planning
    • Use Establishment Control in ESR to effectively manage your hierarchy.
    • Enhance your data quality by fully using Employee Self Service.
    • Utilise reporting to identify projected skills gaps or high attrition, and recruit to help reduce staff shortages.
    • Fully utilise the Business Intelligence module to gain a wealth of workforce information to inform and refine your strategy.
  • + Skilled Workforce
    • Enhance the management of mandatory training through the Compliance Matrix.
    • Access to over 800 national e-Learning courses.
    • Ability to view training, competencies, qualifications, and professional registrations together to provide a full talent profile for your workforce.
  • + Financial Controls
    • Establishment control using ESR, with reconciliation to the General Ledger, ensures staffing costs are proactively monitored and managed.
    • Use all of ESR’ functionality, including OLM - a centrally funded and managed learning management system fully responsive to workforce changes.
    • Inter Authority Transfer (IAT) in ESR is the unique process that enables transferability of employee/applicant data - including training compliance across the NHS – directly supporting the Streamlining programme. With OLM and competencies being managed in ESR, the data flows easily and with minimal manual intervention.
    • Monitor your recruitment costs through the management of workforce establishment by building in budgeted FTE for all active positions in ESR. Building budgeted FTE for active positions in ESR supports the monitoring of your recruitment costs and provides effective workforce establishment information.
    • Potential to reduce HR and Payroll processing costs through Self Service, with the elimination of paper forms.
    • Access to the dedicated NHS ESR Programme Team to support your implementation.
  • + Workforce Intelligence
    • Fully utilise the ESR Portal and its Portlets to benefit your employees.
    • Provide valuable information to your back office teams using the Portal dashboards to increase productivity and efficiency.
    • Guide your managers to use the Manager Dashboard and associated BI reports to assist them in managing their teams.
    • Realise the benefits of organisation-wide Dashboard Reports to enable central functions, such as HR, to support the organisation and your managers. For example the NHS Absence Dashboard for Absence Management; NHS Management Overview Dashboard. These reports can be accessed on mobile devices, supporting agile working for managers in your organisation.
  • + Back Office Efficiencies
    • Increase the productivity and efficiency of your back office teams, such as HR/Recruitment, Payroll, learning and development, through the accessibility of data and by enabling the full functionality of Self Service
    • Reduce the associated administration of back office teams through the implementation of Self Service and resulting elimination of paper forms.
    • Ability to reduce face to face training requirements through the availability of local or national e-Learning.
    • Reduction in reporting requirements/information requests to employees and managers by implementing Self Service.

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Business Challenges

Developing your Workforce Retention Strategy requires a detailed level of insight and intelligence about your workforce, all directly supported by using ESR.

  1. Do you have detailed, up to date Workforce Profile information?

  2. Do you know where you recruit/attract employees from?

  3. Do you understand why employees leave your organisation and where they move on to?

  4. Are you offering your employees the right kind of working environment, development, support, and reward?

  5. How accurate is your workforce data and is it sufficient to meet national reporting requirements. How do you monitor the talent profile of your workforce?

  6. How do you record the achievements of your workforce; can you identify those individuals under/over performing in your organisation?

  7. Do you have robust succession plans in place that provide a platform for the most talented employees to grow?

  8. Are your Recruitment/HR back office administrative processes efficient and robust?

  9. Do your employees/managers have access to data/information relevant to them when they need it?

Latest Resources

To discuss the functionality available in ESR, to undertake an ESR Assessment on your current and potential usage, or for further information, advice and support please contact your local NHS ESR Functional Account Manager.