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Business Challenges
Interim NHS People Plan


To help you plan your next steps and to assist you in developing a greater understanding of the ESR capability, and how it supports you to meet the business challenges set out in this segment, there are a wide range of resources available.

To read case studies from NHS organisations that are using the functionality which you have read about within this segment, and to access key guidance and support material please see below.

Operational Resources

Your operational leads can access a range of implementation guides, user manuals and other project documentation. The following documents are relevant to this section and will help you as you define your next steps.  (Log into ESR Kbase to access these resources).

  • ET-2040 Portal Familiarisation – User Guide
  • ET-2041 Portal Familiarisation – Administrator Guide
  • ET-2043 Portal Familiarisation – Manager Guide
  • ET-2044 Portal Familiarisation – Core User Guide
  • A suite of Captivate Sessions are available
  • ESR Guide to NMC Revalidation
  • ESR-NHS0231 – Guide to ESR BI and Medical and Dental Dashboard
  • ESR-NHS0252 - ESR Email Notifications
  • ESR-NHS0172 - ESR Guide to Project Management
  • ESR-NHS0137 - A Guide to Implementing Self Service
  • ESR-NHS0060 Workflow Notifications Guide
  • Employee Self Service Printed Payslip and P60 Opt Out

To access key information and resources to support Resources click on the icons below

Business Challenges

Developing your Workforce Retention Strategy requires a detailed level of insight and intelligence about your workforce, all directly supported by using ESR.

  1. Do you have detailed, up to date Workforce Profile information?

  2. Do you know where you recruit/attract employees from?

  3. Do you understand why employees leave your organisation and where they move on to?

  4. Are you offering your employees the right kind of working environment, development, support, and reward?

  5. How accurate is your workforce data and is it sufficient to meet national reporting requirements. How do you monitor the talent profile of your workforce?

  6. How do you record the achievements of your workforce; can you identify those individuals under/over performing in your organisation?

  7. Do you have robust succession plans in place that provide a platform for the most talented employees to grow?

  8. Are your Recruitment/HR back office administrative processes efficient and robust?

  9. Do your employees/managers have access to data/information relevant to them when they need it?

Latest Resources

To discuss the functionality available in ESR, to undertake an ESR Assessment on your current and potential usage, or for further information, advice and support please contact your local NHS ESR Functional Account Manager.