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Workforce Planning
Interim NHS People Plan

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Workforce Planning

The draft National Health & Social Care Workforce Strategy, the first for 25 years, proposes a set of principles for future NHS workforce decisions, which aim to mitigate the risks associated with workforce planning. The strategy builds upon the NHS Five Year Forward View; identifying where local and national organisations are expected to carry out workforce impact assessments to help ensure “workforce competencies, skills and training as well as numbers are considered early in the planning phase”.

When considering the objective of supporting a modern workforce, the NHS Five Year Forward View is clear, noting “we can design and innovate new care models, but they simply won’t become a reality unless we have a workforce with the right numbers, skills, values and behaviours to deliver it.” This is also considered in the ‘Workforce Planning in the NHS’ report published in April 2015 from The Kings Fund, stating that there ‘has to be a longer-term consideration of whether the current composition of the workforce can achieve the ambitions of future care models.

The ESR solution provides all of your workforce information as the single source of truth, providing you with essential HR and Learning and Development information to support local strategy and planning, along with key functionality to help you both attain and monitor compliance and talent management capabilities.

Your employees, managers and professional ESR users can access information that is relevant to them and their roles via the ESR portal and its portlets. Managers and professional users also have access to a comprehensive, suite of national dashboards in the ESR Business Intelligence reporting tool. Critically, such business intelligence is available across desktop and mobile devices and is relevant to the post-holder, i.e. employee (personal data), manager (team data), and leadership team (team and/or organisation wide data).

Having access to this range and depth of key information is essential to assist you in understanding your workforce and how it currently meets the demands of the service, enabling you to identify your workforce challenges ahead and allow you to plan to meet future demands.

This interactive tool will help you understand how ESR can support you in effective workforce planning.  For a consolidated version of the information contained within this segment, please download the 'Executive Summary', located at the bottom of the page under 'Latest Resources'.